Methods of Termite Damage Repair




Methods of Termite Damage Repair :

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          Before you fix termite damage, you need to make sure that all termites are eliminated.

It does not make sense to fix your house, if it is going to be eaten away in a few weeks or months. If you have doubts, you should get professional assistance. After you are certain that all termites are eliminated, then you can start your repairs.

            Some repairs are easy. Others may be difficult and costly. Generally, structurally damage is a challenging repair, because plumbing pipes or electric wires may interfere with the reconstruction. Sometimes you may need to disconnect all your utilities to make termite damage repair.

            However, if you are lucky enough and termite damages don’t happen around the utilities, the repair is a lot simple. Sometimes you just have to add a new piece of wood to support the old one. Whenever you need to remove a lumber, make sure that you have temporarily support the structure.

            There are products like Minwax High performance Wood Hardener that can seal and harden the wood. If the damage is small, it is a great product to use. However, if the wood is really damaged, you may need to chisel away the damaged part to save the rest of the wood. Then paint over the area to match surrounding wood.

            Keep in mind that sometimes it is better to call a professional help. If you don’t really know what you are doing, you can cause more damage to your house than the termites.

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