Do Termites Spread Disease ?




Do Termites Spread Disease ? :

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        Did you know that termites have been around since the time of dinosaurs? Believe it or not, termite is an amazing insect.

            They can eat literally 24/7, non-stop. That is the reason why every year they cost us over $1.5 - $2 billion in damage. Nevertheless, they are not dangerous to humans and pets, because they usually don’t bite and spread disease like other insects.

            Termites have incredible active immune system. If one is exposed to low level pathogens, it will pump up immunity to fight disease. In addition, their nestmates can also pick up the disease immunity.

            There are four main types of termites:

Damp-wood Termites: Like its name, damp-wood termites usually live in the area with lots of moisture. They love to feed in very moist wood. Keep your house dry to avoid damp-wood termites.

Dry-wood Termites: Dry-wood termites live and nest in building which can cause major damage to the building. To avoid dry-wood termites, seal away all cracks around your home.

Formosan Termites: This is the largest kind of termites, and they can be very destructive to your building. Formosan termites can have tens of thousands of termites in a single colony, and they eat a lot of wood.

Subterranean Termites: Subterranean termites are very reproductive. They may have up to two million members in the colonies, and they are probably the most destructive kind. Subterranean termites can destroy living trees, swimming pools, and house foundation.

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