A List Of The Smartest Breeds Of Dogs




A List Of The Smartest Breeds Of Dogs

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Having a dog and that too an intelligent one at home can be an enriching experience in itself! And, what if your dog breed is celebrated as one of the top 10 smartest breeds of dogs? Well, the rankings are there for everyone to see, and the ‘smartest’ tag is based on two counts: one, the dog breed’s ability or how many repetitions they do to understand new commands, and two, the percentage of obedience levels for a known command.

For the first parameter the number of repetitions should be less than 5, and for the second parameter, the percentage should be higher usually at 95 percent. So here is the list and what makes each of these dog breeds take the top positions.

Border collie is an intelligent breed that tops the list of smartest breeds of dogs. These dogs need jobs and if they do not have one and are left alone in the home, they turn destructive! Companionship, regular exercise and praises are a must for Border collie, and it might not suit people who live in cities due to the time crunch. Border collie is probably the most legendary type of dogs, obedient and agile, and best suited for sheepdog trials.

At number 2 is the Poodle which is one of the most intelligent and easiest breeds to train. Poodles can be good guard dogs and sensitive and even could be trained to be hunters.

German shepherd holds the number 3 position of the smartest dog breeds. They are one of the best guard dogs, highly intelligent, and courageous. They make good family dogs and excellent pals for children.

Golden retriever is a popular breed of dog that comes at number 4. They are loyal, very affectionate, patient and love children. They are good at performing tricks.

At number 5 is Doberman pinscher. A fearless breed, they have good stamina and are hard working. Some dogs of this breed could also be good therapy dogs. They need early training to become good family dogs.

Shetland sheepdog is claimed to be highly intelligent with levels almost near human intelligence. They are the number 6 smartest dog breed. They were originally bred to herd sheep and cattle, and these breed of dogs is responsible and loyal.

Labrador retriever, at number 7, is an affectionate breed of dog but needs work and lots of exercise. However, they have a problem of putting on excessive weight.

At number 8 is the Papillon that looks softer than what it really is! This breed belongs to a tough breed of dogs, and shows possessiveness. It can be a little moody and aggressive. However, surprisingly these dogs are one of the most affectionate dogs around.

Number 9 is the Rottweiler. A great family dog, it deceives the look of a fearless breed. At number 10 is the Australian Cattle Dog which was originally bred to herd cattle. Very protective in nature; these dogs need to be trained physically and mentally on a regular basis.

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A List Of The Smartest Breeds Of Dogs


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A List Of The Smartest Breeds Of Dogs