Symptoms of Cat Dying




Symptoms of Cat Dying :

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       Death of cats is usually associated with aging and illness. Cats that are older than 10 years old are more vulnerable to sickness.

            Naturally, cats will try to hide their sickness. They may be very sick but look perfectly healthy. Because of this nature, cat dying symptoms often appear at the last minute. When death is near, your cats may have this following signs.


Appetite Changes: When death is near, cats will gradually eat and drink less than they use to. The color of their urine will turn darker. The amount of urine and feces also decrease as a result.

Disorientation & Restlessness: Dying cats will become distracted of their surrounding. Some cats may stare into space without knowing what happen around them. Often, dying cats won’t recognize its owner. If that’s the situation, you should approach your cats gently and slowly. Some cat may show the sign of restlessness by constantly changing their positions.

Changes of Breathing Pattern: When cats are closer to their final moment, you can notice the changes of breathing pattern. Some cats will breath faster and shallow.  Sometimes cats may make the gurgle sound due to the lack of hydration. Other cats will breath slower with pauses between breaths.

Temperature Changes: The heart tends to beat slower, when cats are very sick. As a result, the cat’s body temperature tends to cool down due to decreased circulation. Some cats may not be able to move their bodies.


            Sooner or later, all life must come to an end, including your cat. When the time comes, there may be very little that you can do to change it.  However, if you recognize the sign of your dying companion, your veterinarian can offer some comfort to your cat.

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