Types Of Birds




Types Of Birds

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There are very many types of birds. There are birds that fly, swim and walk. They come in all colors, sizes and unique features. Some are mild and timid, while others are ferocious. Some eat only fruits while some have rotting flesh as their staple diet.

Let us take a look at some of the different types of birds.

Doves - They are one of the gentlest birds known, and are the universal symbol of love and peace. 

Owls - Are night birds who are solitary and hunt small mammals. 

Hawks, eagles, kites - Are birds of prey, which hunt using their keen senses, especially their sense of sight.  

Bald eagle - Their tail is white and so is their head which has given it its name. They are found in marshy areas and near coastlands. They are the kings of the air. 

Ducks, swans and geese - These are waterfowls, and are very good swimmers. They have webbed feet to help them swim. 

Albatross, cormorants, seagulls and pelicans - These are seabirds, and are adapted for marine life. They also have waterproof plumage.

Nightingale, canary, finches - Are all songbirds which have uniquely developed vocal organ, which produce musical or sounds pleasing to the human ear. There are exceptions, however, where the screeches are shrill and sound harsh.  

Kiwi, ostrich and emus - Are flightless birds. They have feathers, but rely on their ability to run or swim. They have smaller wing bones and more feathers.

Lovebirds, parrots, cockatiels and parakeets - They make excellent pets. They can breed in captivity too if the owners knows how to handle their cage environment.

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Types Of Birds


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Types Of Birds