List Of Tropical Birds




List Of Tropical Birds

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Tropical birds make fantastic pets. They comprise of some of the most beautiful birds from around the world. As the name suggests, they are found in the tropical regions around the world like Central and South America, Asia and so on.

Here is a short list of tropical birds:

Albatross - they are seabirds with a large wingspan and long necks. 

Bee-eater - they thrive on bees and other flying insects. They have bright and colorful plumage. They reside mostly in Botswana and Sumatra. 

Bulbul - They may be straw colored or a subtle shade of brown. Some have been found to have red, yellow and white markings.

Cockatiel - They are intelligent birds with attractive plumage. They can be brought up in cages, and will be affectionate to their owners.

Cuckoo - Their fame has spread far and wide because of “cuckoo clocks”. They are small with short beaks and tiny claws. Bird watchers love to observe them.

Flamingo - They get their lovely pink color thanks to their diet.

Hummingbirds - The only birds that can fly backwards with swiftly working wings. 

Ibis - These long-legged birds have a wonderful sunrise call. 

Parrots - They are best known for their speaking ability. 

Peacock - Everyone has heard of the proud and beautiful peacock. It looks very exotic, and it loves to dance and show off its brightly colored tail.

Swallow - It is a sleek bird with dark blue or green feathers with a white breast. 

Toucans - They look like brightly colored parrots with an enormous beak.

Woodcreeper - They start their day with a chirpy bird song.

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List Of Tropical Birds


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List Of Tropical Birds