How To Keep Birds From Nesting Under Tile Roof ?




How To Keep Birds From Nesting Under Tile Roof ?

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Birds can nest up in a tree or even in your roof if the conditions are conducive. Tile roofs may have open-ended eaves which provide a natural shelter for the birds. However, the residents of the house may tire of their constant chirpings and droppings.

You can close up the eave openings by buying eave closures. Check your local hardware store for such closures. If they do not have them, place an order for them as they are not usually sold in all shops. 

You can also use a mesh to close the area. Block every hole and cranny where birds have nested previously, or you think might be a likely target next year. 

Before closing up the eaves, make sure there are no birds nesting there. Wait till they migrate, or else gently remove the nest. If you find eggs or young ones in the nest, wait for another season before you evacuate them. Let the eggs hatch and the birds grow strong and fly away on their own. 

You can also use sonic and ultrasonic bird deterrents.  

Alternately, hang a plastic or a metal sheet from the roof to the wall. However, this might not look good, but will effectively keep the birds away. 

You can also keep hosing down the area often to deter the birds from even resting there. 

Fake owls can also do the trick. Simply mount them on the roof, and they will scare the birds off. Once the birds get used to them, they might even perch on the owls. So, keep changing their position often. 

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How To Keep Birds From Nesting Under Tile Roof


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How To Keep Birds From Nesting Under Tile Roof ?