Packing List For Fishing Trip




Packing List For Fishing Trip

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Going on a fishing trip can be an exciting outing for you and your family. However, you need to pack correctly and in a planned manner in order to enjoy your trip. The best way to pack for a fishing trip is to first have a list.

Make a list of essential items before you pack. This list should include any and every thing that you might require on your fishing trip. Here are some tips that you can use to pack for a fishing trip.

When you are fishing, remember that you are going to spend a lot of time getting your feet wet. In some places the water may be clean and some places it may be slushy. So be prepared for either case. Pack wading socks or boots. Also depending on the weather, pack warm clothes.

Keep a hat, a micro fiber shirt which will dry easily. Wear shorts that dry out easily so that you are not uncomfortable while fishing.

Most people combine fishing along with camping. Make sure you pack items like bug sprays, medical kit separately and always keep them handy because you may end up needing these things on an emergency basis.

Keep a battery light available with you. Most parks do not allow fishing late in the evenings but it is always better to keep battery operated light with you in the nights while camping. Also, keep additional batteries for various things like camera’s flash lights and other portable lights. They always come handy.

For fishing, you would need the following gear and items:
Fishing rod
Reel (always carry an extra one)
Fishing line
Fishing flies
Fly boxes
Leaders and strengtheners
Water proof pouches for valuables and cell phones

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Packing List For Fishing Trip


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Packing List For Fishing Trip