How To Build Outdoor Solar Lighting ?




How To Build Outdoor Solar Lighting ?

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Using solar energy is a great alternative to electricity. These lights make use of solar energy to be powered. This automatically means you will not be spending too much money on electricity because you get solar energy for free directly from sunlight. This way, you would be doing your bit to save and conserve the environment by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted out. Most importantly, these lights are a one-time investment and require very little maintenance work.

You need not necessarily buy these lights from the market. They are very easy to make. You just need a few raw materials to get started. The things you will need are:

  • Small solar photovoltaic panel
  • One or two 2 volts LEDs
  • Two or four AA 1.2 volt re-chargeable batteries
  • Transistors, resistors and power diode.
  • Small pieces of wire for connecting parts together.
  • Circuit board that is cut into small squares

The first thing that you need to do is get the switching regulator working. This is required to control the LEDs. So, if you do not have the circuit for the regulator, make sure that you get one. And, for this will you require a controller, resistors, capacitors and toroid inductor. And, if your aim to get the outdoor solar lighting to come on automatically, then a photoresistor is needed so that it can detect the lighting.

Then get a one watt LED and solder 2 wires to the LED's anode and cathode. The other ends of the wires have to be attached to the circuit of the regulator. In addition, you should have a 3-volt solar module. Solder the positive as well as the negative terminal of the solar module. Then attach the diode to the positive terminal, while the wire should be attached to the negative terminal. Thereafter, connect the battery pack to the last pole in the switch. This pack will be the power source for the switch.

Now place the solar module in the sun in order to charge the battery. This will require a few hours. Thereafter, once you turn on the switch, the LED should come one. The duration of the outdoor solar lighting will depend on the components you have used.

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How To Build Outdoor Solar Lighting ?


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How To Build Outdoor Solar Lighting ?