How Chlordane Was Applied to Kill Termites




How Chlordane Was Applied to Kill Termites ?

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      Chlordane is a pesticide that was used in America from 1948 to 1988.

            Chlordane is manufactured as a white powder dust. When it was mixed with emulsifier and water, it will turn into colorless liquid.

            Until 1983, Chlordane was sold commercially by Chevron as a pesticide for home use and agriculture. It was marketed as an ant killer product under the brand name, Ortho.

Health and Environmental Impact of Chlordane:

            Because Chlordane is hazardous to the health and environment, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned all uses of the chemical in 1983, except for termite control. In 1998, all uses of Chlordane were banned completely. The chemical is known to be bioaccumulated in mammals, fish, and birds. In addition, it can stay in soil more than twenty years.  

            Symptoms of Chlordane poisoning are headaches, confusion, vomiting, and diarrhea. Recent research shows the connection between prostate and breast cancers in humans and chlordane exposure. In addition, a recent study also finds that people who live in homes with high chlordane levels are more likely to have respiratory illness like sinusitis, bronchitis, cough, and anemia.

            Chlordane can cause human birth defects and infertility. In a clinical study, researchers test effect of chlordane on mice. After thirty day of daily exposure, there are obvious changes to the part of the testicles.

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