How Do I Apply For A Va Loan ?




How Do I Apply For A VA Loan

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Once you have found out that you are eligible for a VA loan, there are six main steps you need to follow as part of the application process for a VA loan. The steps are mentioned below.

How to Apply for a VA Loan: 

  • Find a VA approved lender: You should arm yourself with a credit report and approach prospective lenders for your VA home loan. However, before that, make a list of all the VA approved lenders in your area. Compare closing costs and other hidden fees before zeroing in on one particular lender. This is an important step. Do remember that great customer service and other benefits in a lender are an added plus.
  • Pre-Qualify for your loan: This involves telling your lender about your income and assets to assess your borrowing power.
  • Choose your prospective home and draw up the purchase agreement for the same. This agreement is an important document that you will need in your future interactions with the VA as well as your lender.
  • Ask your lender to apply for a VA appraisal online. This is a process of estimation of the value of the house conducted on behalf of the VA to ensure that the loan amount does not exceed the value of the house. This step can also be initiated by the buyer though it usually the lender who applies for appraisal online through TAS (the appraisal system)
  • The finalization of the loan is the last step. Upon finalization, the loan must be reported to the VA after which a Certificate of Eligibility is drawn up to show the use of the entitlement. This document is given back to the applicant.

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How Do I Apply For A Va Loan


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How-Do-Va-Home-Loans-Work      A VA home loan is only offered to individuals that have actively served in armed service in the US. Another precondition is that the home must be purchased for the veteran himself to reside in (with his family). A part of a VA loan is guaranteed by the United States government if the buyer cannot fulfill the terms of the loan. This amount can range from thirty-six thousand to sixty thousand dollars based on the amount borrowed. More..

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How Do I Apply For A Va Loan ?