The Right Bed Size For Your Apartment




The Right Bed Size For Your Apartment :

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      Let’s face it. It does not take Einstein to figure out that finding the right bed size for your apartment is important. Yes, a King size bed is bigger than a Queen size, but do you know how much larger?

            Large bed will make small room even smaller. On the other hands, if you have a very small bed in spacious bedroom, it just looks funny. If you don’t know the difference between bed sizes, you are not the only one. Believe it or not, sometimes the bed salesman does not even have all the facts.

Mattress Sizes:

  • Twin ( 99 X 190 cm or 39 X 75 Inches ): Although you may think a twin bed is for two people ( Twin means two, right?), a twin bed is generally single bed. A twin bed is best for small bedroom, and there are tons of quality sheets in various patterns at any local department store. Twin bed can easily fit in the smallest bedroom, and it is very common for children’s room or multi-purpose guest room. The downside for twin bed is that it may be too short for some adults.
  • X- Long Twin ( 99 X 203 cm or 39 X 80 Inches) : Twin extra long is a better option for a teenager or adult. It is still a single bed. Another advantages for this size is that you can push two of them together to make a king size bed. However, it may be difficult to find bedding. There are not a lot of selections in the market.
  • Double or Full Beds ( 137 X 190 cm or 54 X 75 Inches) : Double beds is an option for many couples. It does not take much floor space. However, some couples may find that it is too narrow.
  • Queen ( 198 X 208 cm or 60 X 80 Inches) : Queen bed size is more comfortable and spacious than a double bed. At the same time, the price for queen bed is more economical than the king size, and bedding is easy to find.
  • King ( 198 X 203 cm or 76 X 80 Inches ) : If you have a big apartment and want space, King bed is the bed for you. It is the widest bed in the market. Although if you need to move, you might find it difficult to move by yourself. King bed is hard to get through narrow hallways.


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